Who would have thought, a country like Cameroon with barely 6 computers per 500 people (1.2 per 100 people) has the riskiest domain in the World? That is what McAfee found out in its report published in 2009. So the next time you visit a site with .cm domain, of course most people visit such sites due to typographic error for .com, watch out for malware. Hackers are buying .cm domains in bulk. Read more.

I dug a bit more today and found some interesting nuggets in Microsoft’s comments about the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed net neutrality rules.

The software giant, long a proponent of open Internet policies, isn’t as keen on some portions of a proposed rule by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski that would restrict any discrimination of Web traffic or applications by broadband access providers such as Comcast, AT&Tand Verizon. more