Getting yourself familiar with basic programming skills doesn’t hurt. In fact, there are times when you will desperately need to automate a task for some seemingly simple job, and yet not find the right tools out there which cater your needs. It is not about writing thousands of lines of code and designing some user interface, just a dozen or two lines might serve well at times. Here is a list of C codes taken from the book ‘C programming Language’ by K&R and some of the codes might have been changed by me while practicing.

1. Introductory Tutorial – Input/output, characters, strings

2. Types, Operators and Experessions – Upper/lower case conversion, binary operators

3.  Control Flow – If/else, do/while, binary search, sorting, argument list

4.  Functions and Program structure – macros, polish calculator, pattern searching, quick sort

5. Pointers and Arrays – command line argument, find, sort, memory allocation

6.  Structures – self referential arrays, word key counter

7.  Input/Output – file copying, calculator, sscanf

8.  The UNIX System Interface – memory allocations, file & directory listing

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